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We Care About quality

Improving quality and profitability of broadcasting industry

Information Delivery

Encouraging content and technology innovation

Improved Regulations

Advocating for self regulation so stations develop better and unique ways stations serve their communities.

Improved Self Control

Regulate the actions of its members to prevent the need for extreme measures by Government that may affect the whole industry

About us

NAB is an association of electronic broadcasting companies, and all organizations involved in electronic broadcasting that seeks to protect and represent the interests of its members in a stronger, more impacting and more organized effort.

As the advocate for licensed, free-over-the-air radio and television broadcasters before government, regulators, business, and the community, NAB is the front line service point for all its members and source of information for aspiring members and it’s vital that we have the support of all broadcasters to be effective on every issue.

NAB members receive exceptional advocacy, information, career development and networking opportunities.

What NAB Stands For

NAB is the chief advocate for the broadcast industry in Uganda through ensuring that policymakers are informed about the issues that impact the broadcasting industry. The association relies on the grassroots strength of its television and radio members to inform its partner Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), on behalf of its members for policy considerations.

There are always new possibilities that are bring created new technological advancements like the mobile digital television or FM-enabled mobile devices, NAB comes in to help broadcasters seize these such opportunities especially in this digital migration era.

These new technological developments give broadcasters opportunities to find better, more innovative ways to deliver the high-quality content and services that local communities expect and deserve.

NAB is working towards being the centre for excellence in net working and forum for members to interact with other international media bodies and organizations in order to strengthen and enrich our pool of information

Why Join NAB ?

NAB exists to proactively and vigilantly advance the rights and interests of free,
local radio and television broadcasters.

Our members receive exceptional advocacy, information, networking opportunities and career development.
A summary of the benefits that accrue from belonging to NAB are summarized below;

Benefits of Being A Member of NAB?

Defend Its Members

Defend its members from unfair pricing and treatment from its secondary publics like Ipsos the media monitoring monopoly in the industry at present

Legal Calendar;

Legal Calendar; NAB helps you stay on schedule with deadline renewals through reminders to the parties concerned

Industry Stays Abreast;

NAB ensures that the industry stays abreast with relevant and timely industry matters through NABs quarterly newsletter and mail updates.

Strong Leadership Presence

NAB provides strong leadership presence for the broadcast industry in Uganda through; Championing crusades against the illegal closure and arrest of broadcast houses and their workers,


NAB Logo; NAB is working toward having its members access and download its logo and by proudly displaying it on their stationary, business cards and alongside their won logos, authenticates the station as credible thus a higher bargaining power for its business in Uganda and beyond.

Limiting Media liability

NAB is working towards limiting media liability coverage costs designed to break the industry and cripple its business through lawsuits and hefty damage awards.

See Who is currently benefiting for being a member Of NAB !

Our Partners

How can you can join, Simple . . .

There are about four very simple steps to follow when joining NAB. Please use the right button below to navigate through the steps. You won't regret it.